Ackcezione' Concept

The word Ackcezione' is coined from the basic Italian word Accezion, meaning Mind (positive), Acceptance and Intelligence with Speed. We have incorporated alphabet "K" in such a fashion that it doesn't affect its pronunciation. Similarly, we want to add our presence in Clients Business World without disturbing their original identity. Plus, as we are in an e-World, to embrace the scope of the industry this "apostrophe" is added, just as e'Governance, e'Learning, e'Commerce and so on. We also mean fastest and effective solutions, as at Ackcezione', Time is the most prestigious element !


We believe that the name has also a lot of impact hence, we have selected the name based on our founding principles. In depth thinking, analytical approach and right time right decision i.e. perfect decision with speed are the fundamental aspects at Ackcezione’. This concept of Ackcezione’ shall be considered as the lamp post for all, building the organization along with their career.