Legacy Services

Legacy migration is an approach that leverages the existing application assets and /or the knowledge of the company and transforms it using new appropriate frameworks or technology.

Legacy systems, because of their long back installation time have become core systems at many large organizations. These systems house important data and many times represent the most essential organizational assets. So, over such a long period of time these systems are any way stabilized with respect to both, user & purpose. Many organizations have mastered to work with these old systems, without investing much. Of course, while efforts are consistently on, team also becomes more & more user friendly.

What can be missing or neglected in such applications? What are concerns associated with?

These can be;

  • Dependence on relatively older technology & missing advantages of latest innovations.
  • Risks associated with using unsupported software.
  • Skilled Manpower blurs after reasonable time for older technologies.
  • For constant development of business one has to anchor on leading technologies.
  • Time & Cost associated with Migration.

Everything which is created has a limited span of Time. After stipulated time, it either expires or becomes outdated. Prudent would be to migrate, move on latest ones at right time. Since this situation cannot be escaped, beyond the limitations of integration over results & effectiveness Modernization becomes mandatory.

Analyzing existing system with business requirements, benefits of the existing system, road map of the business activities for the span we anticipate - we will be using the new system, limitations of current system & latest availability of technological tools, re-evaluating business processes with operations, find out possibility to optimize performance with change in approaches, time & cost budgeting, selection of best suitable technology, training and support are the major facts Ackcezione' considers with its Team & Brainware to arrive at the results. Modernization is must and is required to be done several times based on needs of the industry. The important aspect in this is when to do & the decision has to be in favor of optimization of profit.

Ackcezione' is fluent with legacy systems developed on COBOL, Microsoft Technologies ( FoxPro, VB 6.0 ) and AS400.

Our services cover the comprehensive cycle right from planning for legacy modernization to optimally migrating to desired latest platform.