Agri. Marketing ERP

  • Agri. Marketing ERP is a software solution specially designed for Commission agency business and Trading business in for agricultural commodities. This business is regulated mostly by APMCs commonly known as Agricultural Produce Market Committee.

    APMC creates and regulates the basic infrastructure for traders & commission agents. This platform is used by the various traders and commission agents to sell, buy and interact commercially with the complete community involved in the Agricultural supply chain.

    This has been in existence for a very long time now and hence a single entity (trader, commission agent, retailer) could be playing multiple roles in the various deals taking place using the platform provided by the APMC. The entities that are involved in you getting food grains and fruits, vegetables at home are mentioned below.

    • Commission agents only sell commodities on behalf of the owner who may be either a farmer or a trader (supplier).
    • A trader purchases these commodities either from a farmer or from a Commission Agent and sells it further. A trader may be a retailer, wholesaler, food processor or a business house.

    Ackcezione' has envisioned, designed & developed a software solution which will bring accountability and visibility in this trade which for years have been plagued with wrong doing for personal gain. The platform today requires the extensive use of paper and pencil/pen by the entities taking part – which leaves a lot of room for mis-representation that leads to personal gain for a few. The solution developed requires some statutory paperwork, which is mandatory by Law or is essential under the Indian Evidence Act, after which the software take care of all the events clocking in the right data thus reducing or eliminating the dependence on paper.


    We believe that this solution will revolutionize the entire market/trade as it stands today for the better with more visibility and ease of operation for all involved. Our solution is developed based on the typical profile of a trader or a commission agent thus is accounts for the basic data entry as well as another painful exercise of finalization of books.

  • Features

    • Capable of managing multiple business activities (Firms) related to trading as well as commission agency business of agricultural commodities.
    • All-inclusive one-stop accounting solution and well-designed MIS for decision making.
    • Reliable, stable and scalable solution.
    • Easy to use & Easy to understand. On-line help is available throughout.
    • Web based product hence hardware requirement for the client is minimal.
    • Product is available for both single-user as well as multi-user (LAN).
    • Designed to take care of complex operational processes with ease.
    • SMS and E-mailing facilities incorporated.
    • Audit trails are incorporated.
    • The Alerts and pop ups make the product easy to navigate and reduces errors while using the product.
    • Authority-wise operational control is available. Hierarchical access can be provided based on client requirements.
    •  Some minor changes in business can be instantly accommodated in the system.
  • After Implementation Support

    • On installation, free customisation and support is available for the first accounting year, plus proper training of the system for upto three persons is given.
    • On-line help is available on F1 function key, at all data-entry fields of all forms.
    • A well trained team having in depth knowledge of the domain is always at a distance of a call to support the clientele, on-site.
    • We have a robust telephonic support system (300 lines) on all working days of the week between 9.00 AM and 7.00 PM.
    • All queries are attended, analyzed & sorted through proper solution, normally within 48 hours.
    • All major operational changes are incorporated in higher versions and statutory or minor changes are taken care through patches.
    • After the first year, our above comprehensive support is extended to our registered clients vide an Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Training

    • Ackcezione' gives absolutely free training initially for upto three persons of its client.
    • For accuracy, safety and confidence of the user, easy and reliable on line help is available, however, Ackcezione' provides its printed manual along with licensed copy.
    • Ackcezione' conducts comprehensive Training programmes for its clients, which cover all operational information of product , additional patches during the year , covering any business as well as statutory changes with respect to Commission agency as well as Trading of Agricultural commodities.
    • Training programmes offered by Ackcezione' fetch excellent opportunities for building careers in this field.
    • Ackcezione' offers attractive Franchise options for delivering above training programmes out of Maharashtra.
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