Ackcezione' has its eLearning wing recently restructured to empower by its dynamic approach towards offering eLearning solutions. We claim eLearning in totality; however, our forte is formal education and trainings for automated processes for large size organization where uniformity in operations, standardization and synergy is of prime importance.

Ackcezione' has flexibility in eLearning engagement model. Right from customized content management to upkeep plus maintenance of project, we have standardized our processes. Project based approach, to enhance performance as well as to meet exact requirements, team Ackcezione' is known for. Elimination of manpower shall become part of approach much later than creating profound impact to convey the message. Appropriate blend of technology with zero defect transformation of knowledge is monitored and ensured, as a policy.

Throughout Life, human beings are students in some or the other form. eLearning can play a vital role in any segment as repetitive & effective hammering raises great potential in terms of abilities which in turn ensures desired results. In this competitive world, Ackcezione' helps its Clients to achieve phenomenal growth in their business through eLearning.

Ackcezione' claims its own processes matured to ascertain results. We are SCORM 1.2 compliant. We encourage comprehensive solutions in this segment, as it can lead to cost effectiveness.

Ackcezione' offers flexible staffing solutions for Client either in house or on site, monitored by Ackcezione'. This has proven a best methodology to bridge the gaps in aligning resources, domain experts and synchronization of technical pool.