Company Profile

Ackcezione' commenced its operations in 2009 primarily as a product development company, providing a highly specialized software platform used to integrate the Agricultural Commodities ERP. We have come a long way in this short time and spread our expertise into various facets of the industry.

In today's highly evolving business landscape where "speed" and "effectiveness" make the difference between success and failure. Ackcezione' has worked upon delivery models for it's products & services, with an in built mechanism to auto improvise them periodically or need based. Essentially we assume our responsibility in carrying out your business purpose from IT perspective !

Ackcezione' increases business effectiveness by helping clients to,

  • Adopt proper technology
  • Need based but futuristic approach
  • Reduce Cap ex & Op ex where ever possible
  • Reap benefits in Time or Ahead of Time
  • Qualitative robust solutions
  • Trustworthy & Best of the Services

Team Ackcezione' is technology independent and we respect Clients requirements on top priority. We understand our responsibility towards IT for Client's business and shall always be committed for new changes by harnessing the power of Technology to build effective business solutions.

We have carefully implanted a booster that has helped us develop a Work culture built on collective efforts and individual conviction combined with our belief in a collaborative approach.

The customer, employee and stakeholder ecosystem is carefully crafted to provide clarity and transparency in all our engagements thus leading to trustworthy relationships with our clients. Our fluency with technology and fanatical approach to build solutions is based on socio commercial aspects that help clients reap benefits of an optimum engagement leading to high return on investments.

Vision of Ackcezione'

To be a Globally respected organization for building a legacy of effective business applications and solutions.


At 21st century, already there is mammoth knowledge pool when it comes to Technology. Every now & then, there shall be addition in some or the other vertical. For business houses, it becomes concern about how to deal with this. They neither can neglect these changes nor can focus vigilantly in this era at the cost of their core competency. They wish to have an associate who can take care of the system, comprehend it and timely upkeep. This is a sincere job and has a direct impact on the growth of Business. No Business house in this competitive edge can afford to take a second chance towards this. In case of negligence, they may or may not get a second chance and sometimes these mistakes can be crucial and non-repairable. Foundation of Ackcezione' is basically on glorious principles which can auto care to major extent and assures first mover or in time, resulting success kissing Client's feet.

Principally founded as a Product based company, Ackcezione' decided to spread its wings across to embrace additional services & verticals of Businesses to ensure one stop solution for Client's.

The management along with Brainware & Team Ackcezione' unanimously are committed towards Transformation of Business. Technology for Life, being our aim shall specialize us in all aspects.